SEO Success Story: 85 days to first customer

In 85 days from the time he first spoke to us, Frank Moretti received his first inquiry from a visitor that found his Landscape businesses website in a search. Mr. Moretti was a rather typical client, interested in getting a website online to begin taking advantage of the opportunity of being found in search engines. He was overwhelmed with information and a range of costs.

Telephone directories are in decline and many small business owners are making the move to online searches. The return on investment is much better and of course, a well designed website can be a powerful tool to build business and generate revenue. Many of our clients' businesses are changed because they are opening communications between them and their customers online.

We wanted to get the Moretti Landscaping website online as quickly as possible to be indexed by the search engines. To do this, we published a very basic group of pages that would create the core of the website. This was no frills, no images, just simply key text throughout the pages to establish some positions. The site was online before we had built out the look and feel or any other type of content.

Two weeks later, we had the site design approved and began on building it out. Meanwhile, the core pages of the sites were being indexed. As we finished the site and content was being added to the site, positions began to appear at the top of the searches for the relevant search terms. Soon after, in less than 90 days from the very beginning of working with us, Mr. Moretti had his first visitor become a lead, requesting information to have work done. It doesn't get any better than that....

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Our clients say...

"I just wanted to tell you that I was very excited to see us come up in google on the first page if you google westchester and pragmatics."
—Alexandra Laufer Lobo, M.S., CCC-SLP