Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs help to be found in search results pages

The bottom line when considering your source for search engine optimization is current results. Where are those websites positioned?

If you're reading this page, you are probably curious about Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and getting your website listed in Google or Yahoo for a specific subject or "keyword".

OR- You have been getting nowhere with your SEO and wondering where to turn next?

You will read and hear many, many details and opinions on this subject but it really comes down to solid research, smart use of technology, and finally-- results. Check those results. Are websites gaining positions for more than the obvious keywords and phrases? Are pages of your website other than the homepage being found? Are you getting results or a lot of techno-speak and promises? We are experts in SEO and have developed proprietary techniques that get our clients results.

Local Business

The majority of people searching for your business or product are no longer looking in telephone directories, they are searching Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for their answers. If your website is not optimized correctly, or- at all, it will most likely not be in front of those people looking for you. We have some of our best results with clients in a local or regional market where people are using more specific strings of words to search. Citys, towns, and zip codes all help to refine those searches and lead those potential visitors to your website. Are you there in front of them? If not, you need to get this done and begin making your website work for you. A website should be bringing in new visitors all the time.

Results are in...

We track results by hand in real time by conducting actual searches across the major search engines. We get consistent results for a variety of businesses and products. We will empower your website with its maximum potential for favored positions in the major search engines.

If you value RED HOT SALES LEADS, you'll understand the power of being out there, 24/7, with your best foot forward every step of the way. Think of it as a salesperson that presents you in the best light, says just what you want to say, and just the way you want it said. Always ready to answer questions and always ready to take those orders...


Why arre you hiding your website?

If you have a website that isn't built correctly or optimized with the proper keywords or phrases, you might as well be hiding it. That also means you're missing a fantastic opportunity where prospects are looking for you specifically—but they can't see you—you're literally invisible.
You want to get your website to your targeted audience. Optimizing your site will help you compete more effectively by increasing your chances of being found in a search. No one will know how to find your website until you tell them or associate it with specific keywords and phrases.

If you go to Google or Yahoo! and type in your business or domain name, can you find your site in the results? No, you may not. It may never come up in a typical web search. That's where optimization comes into play. That's where experience is most valuable. If you don't have effective web marketing in place, it's almost as if you're hiding.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of steps to configure HTML code, basic structure, and key pages in such a way that the site's contents are thoroughly mapped and indexed to keywords that potential customers will use when seeking your products or services in a web search.

Submission to search engines is not optimization. Anyone can easily submit their website through those individual search engines. Submission does not guarantee your site to be included, it simply means you provide information about your site to the search engine. Every search engine is unique with criteria used to position sites.

SEO is a process that requires preparation, planning, and implementation by experts. Ethics also play a role since there are no guarantees. If you're being guaranteed a certain position, it's most likely false. Only pay-per-click can guarantee your website a #1 position in a search.

How do we measure success?

Successful internet marketing provides increased business directly from results of a web search. Our SEO clients get valuable leads and more opportunities from their online investment.

Imagine the difference as the phone starts to ring or the e-mail is delivered to your in-box from your website. Why wait by the phone, when you can do something about it?

We know how to get your website positioned higher on the search results page. Are you reading this page as a result of a web search for search engine optimization or internet marketing? That is a real-life example of what we can do for you.

Improve your positions. Links to your site might not appear in the results of a web search by just submission to Google, MSN, or Yahoo. The cost for optimization is typically within a range that's a reasonable investment considering the return.

Are you ready to take full advantage of your website and create new opportunities? Call or e-mail us today and let us focus on getting your site where it's most effective—in front of the prospects looking for you.


A few examples...

We would like to share a few results we've been seeing lately. The best way to see our results is to actually try these examples. Copy the phrases and words used to find the websites associated with them. 

"custom signage westchester" - The Signworks:
"building signs westchester" - The Signworks:
"directory signage westchester" - The Signworks:
"designer builders westchester" - Ridgeview Designer Builders:
"landscape design westchester" - Manzer's Landscape Design:
chamber music westchester" - Friends of Music Concerts:
"web design st. augustine" - GO2 Media Design, Inc.: (yes, we prove for ourselves as well as our clients!)
"seafood restaurant st. augustine" - Schooner's:
"seafood st. augustine" - Schooner's:
"fried shrimp st. augustine" - Schooner's:

These are all organic search results. Please see for yourself- the only real proof is to check these in actual searches. There are no tricks to this, there are no easy fixes, this is all done by our own research, knowledge, and experience. It takes time and a combination of elements all working together. When you are ready to get started, give us a call.


Our clients say...

"Dear Tim, and staff, We just want to thank you for the hands on and professional attention we received during the design and implementation of our two business websites. The sites came out beautiful and we couldn't be happier, your company is top notch! Almost immediately after the sites went live we noticed an increase in website traffic and referrals, your search engine optimization allows our sites to post high on search results for a large number of keywords. Your back end website programming not only ensures website functionality but also allows us to easily upload new photos and track where our website traffic originated from, this has proven to be a valuable asset in streamlining our advertising. We are glad we decided to upgrade our old sites and very happy we found a good company to handle the job properly."
—Joseph D'Asaro, Westchester Automated Gate & Salem Fence Co.