How valuable is your website?

How much does a website cost?

Regardless of what you paid for your website to be designed and developed, what is your website worth—how valuable is your website? We would gage this by how your site is built and how much business it brings you.

How it is built
If your website is not built using the latest, most efficient coding, your site will need to be rebuilt sooner than later. All websites undergo transformations from time to time but most that we see are lagging behind the pack. Website technology continues to evolve with the way people are viewing the web. Mobile devices are now causing website designers and developers to rethink the way they are producing websites. If your site is static HTML pages- you are way behind. There is nothing wrong with those sites but they could be so much more AND you will need someone that can write HTML code to update your site.

Content Management Systems (CMS) websites.
They are the most productive type of site as you are typically able to create, edit, and manage content and navigation without having to write code- and ideally- not having to learn much to be able to use it. We use Drupal exclusively for this purpose and have over 40 sites in our portfolio. Drupal sites also present the opportunity to keep your site up to date with the latest code since the majority of the functions and programming is provided by the global Drupal community. Regular upgrades to modules and the core CMS keep your site fresh. The ability to make additions and edits at will, keep your costs down by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Would you like to show your latest product, installation or award? Write a blog article about your latest case study and then tweet it or have it "liked" on facebook? These things are done easily from a CMS website.

What does your website return to you?
We've heard it plenty of times from prospects when asked if they have a website, "Yes, we already have a website, and we like it". OK, well- liking your website and getting something from it are two separate issues. Does your website bring you business? Do people use the contact form on your website on a regular basis? Do you get phone calls from people visiting your website? Does your website appear in search results online? Those are the goals for a valuable website. The way your website appears has something to do with whether or not it will be successful, but the underlying structure has even more to do with that success. Websites have become far more valuable in the past ten years because the marketplace now expects to find your business online. Expectations are very high for your website but that does not mean "razzle dazzle", that means usability. Does your website have high usability? Can a visitor find useful information easily? That is the bottom line, and once they find the information, do you provide sufficient ways for them to contact you? Our clients see regular communications from visitors on their websites, and those visitors are finding those websites in search results.

So—how valuable is your website? If you are not sure, we would be happy to help you determine that and provide the ways to improve it. An investment into getting your website up-to-date and working for you is well worth it. Contact us or send us a request for quote online and we can get started now.

Our clients say...

"You did a great job on the AEESP web site..."
—Charles Werth, Professor, Chair, Environmental Engineering and Science Program, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign