Feeding the SEO robots

I recently read on several SEO "Experts" websites that they intend to submit their client’s websites to "hundreds" of search engines. Some say 200, some say 400. So I ask the question, does anyone know more than three or four search engines? Probably not, so what is the sense of continuing the practice of submitting to hundreds of search engines? Please let me know, I don't have an answer.

I'm going to make a bold SEO statement. We don't submit your site to ANY search engines. We never have, and we get phenomenal results. We know that if the SEO is done properly, it works by the search engine 'bots and spiders finding us. That comes from giving them what they are looking for, and how they like it. No need to create more "noise" on the Internet, within the searches. In fact, the big searches are striving to get rid of as much of that noise as they can. They want their search results to be more valuable to their visitors, if you've ever done a search and the first three or four links were not relative, you know what I mean.

We have been studying SEO since 2001 when we began as Timothy Wood Design, and took on Westchester as our target market area. We dominate the searches for all of our related keywords and phrases. As part of our research, we have tried many experiments to understand just how SEO behaves and to find out just how much we can affect that behavior. We have developed some of our own techniques and continue to evolve as we learn more. Every success for our clients in SEO adds to our determination to be better all the time.

Part of what motivates me personally is all the con artists out there that make outrageous claims and tell outright lies to take your money, knowing full well they will never do anything for you. I've seen it first hand through several clients and have been relatively quiet about it. The best we can do is promoting our own ethical, proven brand of search engine optimization. If you need it for your website, and you do- please contact us.

Our clients say...

"Yes, I would highly recommend (Timothy Wood Design) GO2 Media Design. Believe it or not, Tim and I have never met but we worked together for quite some time on the site.  ...Easy to work with, professional and I'm sure he would create a wonderful website..."
—Veronica Whitehead, Global Event Planner