Drupal Experts

If you are aware of Drupal, and are in pursuit of someone that knows how to plan it, develop it, theme it, or can show you the same, you have come to the right place. Click here to review our complete portfolio of Drupal websites.


We Love What Drupal Does For Websites and Mobile Sites

We have designed and developed many websites using the open source, content management system known as Drupal (pronounced, "drew'-pull"). Those sites vary in size, scope, and features. Drupal has proven itself to be a very valuable tool on many levels. Since 2007, we have been using Drupal and have built over 25 separate websites in approximately three years. We have used it to deliver state-of-the-art CMS websites to libraries, landscapers, arts organizations, dentists, and a variety of small business operations. We use it ourselves constantly be we love it. That continued  use also benefits our clients since we are always stretching the boundaries.

We have developed some unique applications using it. If you do not look forward to writing proposals for clients and would like to leave the actual document layout, cost calculations, and most of the tedious, repetitive writing to someone else, call us. We have something you will want to see and actually be happy to pay for once you see what it does. We would be happy to demonstrate. We call it "The Proposal Machine" and it has cut our time for writing and finishing proposals to about 1/8 of what it used to take. Here are some of the basic features we include:

  • RSS publishing and aggregate feeds
  • Simple text editing
  • Spell check
  • Image upload
  • Sign in functionality with automated password retrieval, multiple levels of access
  • Ability for editors to manage various types of content based on permissions
  • Taxonomy allows content to be managed by multiple criteria/categories
  • Customized content types to tailor your CMS website specifically to your needs
  • Ability to archive content based on creation and/or post dates. (Various text content)
  • Internal Search and Advanced Search functionality
  • Events Calendar(s) Multiple calendars can be configured
  • Print friendly pages, E-mail forwarding of pages
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Web Forms
  • Notification of content changes by e-mail to admin or other designated members
  • Design to w3c standards, validated HTML and CSS
  • Operate correctly on latest versions of these popular browsers: Safari, Firefox(Mac/PC), and Internet Explorer
  • Initial training for your administrative personnel to manage, edit, and create content

Made for today's Social Media Optimization

Drupal is built to take full advantage of today's network of social media websites through RSS feeds, blog pages, and automated publication of content to Twitter and Facebook sites. Those pieces alone make it incredibly powerful. Some of this is "out of the box" and more of it is accomplished using contributed modules from the global Drupal community of developers. We are proud to be considered part of that group. GO2 Media Design's principal owner attended DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco this year to round out our experience and connect with Drupal designers and developers from around the world.

Design, Development, Training and Consulting

Whatever level of help you seek, we can deliver results. We can train your staff to manage a Drupal website. We know the administrative back end (admin) by heart at this point, and have trained many to use it successfully over the phone. E-Commerce, blogging, catalogs, community calendars, and even just simple websites can be made using Drupal. We offer support for individuals and groups. If your company has a Drupal website and needs guidance on what it can do, we can show you the way. Just have a few questions, or need a jump start on getting it off the ground? We can provide consultation by the hour. Just call and ask, we'll be happy to help. Not only do we know it, we love it for what it does for our own business. 


Our clients say...

"Thanks to you and the amazing job you have done for us, we are getting more inquiries for our event services each week than we received in the entire past year from our old site. Our new web site is not only beautiful, but easy for clients to see what we are about and easy for them to select the information they are looking for, then contact us directly."
—Elaine Margolies, Owner, Innkeeper