Client Worksheet

Domain Information
Preferred Looks
List 3 websites that you admire. Be specific with detail about exactly why you like them.
Add the URL fo the website and specifically what you like about it.
Add the URL of the website and specifically what you like about it.
Add the URL of the website and specifically what you like about it.
Are there any colors that you prefer or are part of an existing brand or style?
Any color you do not want used.
Awareness, E-Commerce, Clients, etc.
Generally speaking, what do you expect from this website/design?
Once a monthOnce a weekOnce a daySeveral times a dayDon't know yet
How often do you expect to update this website?
Which gateway do you plan to use?
This is to give us an idea of time to import items and/or train your staff.
Web Searches
Check all that apply.
Please add any comments you feel are important for us to have on record as we work.

This worksheet will give us information necessary to give us the most complete set of answers to help us deliver the most effective product.

Our clients say...

"Dear Tim, and staff, We just want to thank you for the hands on and professional attention we received during the design and implementation of our two business websites. The sites came out beautiful and we couldn't be happier, your company is top notch! Almost immediately after the sites went live we noticed an increase in website traffic and referrals, your search engine optimization allows our sites to post high on search results for a large number of keywords. Your back end website programming not only ensures website functionality but also allows us to easily upload new photos and track where our website traffic originated from, this has proven to be a valuable asset in streamlining our advertising. We are glad we decided to upgrade our old sites and very happy we found a good company to handle the job properly."
—Joseph D'Asaro, Westchester Automated Gate & Salem Fence Co.