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Printed materials include anything applied to a surface - not just paper. We design for a variety of applications. Traditionally, most design was intended for a page, posters, billboards or signage. We still use those traditional methods and disciplines in addition to our full range of state-of-the-art digital work.

Marketing collateral is still needed for some businesses. Leave behind pieces carry a lot of weight after a great presentation in person. Post cards and announcements are still very effective. Our experience reaches far into the print world and covers photography, retouching, color correction, and the entire digital creation of the final mechanical art.

Catalogs, flyers, newsletters, specialty pieces, posters, package design- you name it and we can design it for you. One advantage of working with us is the ease of transition from one medium to the next. Anything we produce for print, we can translate it into digital and put it online as well. All that under one roof. That's why we are your GO2 source for design. See our portfolio of print design here.

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